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Typical applications:

  • Electric Vehicles

Compressor Information:
  • Drawing: DCMX35-002 CAD FILE
  • Metric MIO Fittings
  • M24 Suction, M22 Discharge
  • Metric Terminal Thread - M5

Oil Type/Charge:
  • Oil type: Idemitsu FVC68D
  • Oil charge: 290 CC (9.8 oz)
  • Precharged from the factory

  • 14.4 lbs / 6.5 kg

Controller Options:
  • 025F0140-03 (120-420 V)
  • 025F0140-02 (115-325 V)

High Voltage Application Bulletin

Standard Bill of Material:
SIERRA00221-SP > Single Pack
SIERRA00221 > Pallet Pack

Air Conditioning
Metric Fittings
Metric Terminal

Operating Range:
Evap: -10°F to 55°F / -23.3°C to 12.8°C
Cond: 80°F to 150°F / 26.7°C to 65.6°C

Downloadable Information
Compressor Data Sheet
Controller Technical Specifications
Wiring Schematic
Compressor Drawings
Controller Drawings


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