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Consensus of opinion is that electric compressors represent the future of automotive air conditioning. The Masterflux DC variable speed hermetic compressors offer the automotive industry the "future" today. The Masterflux family of compressors are up to 40% smaller and lighter than competing belt driven DC automotive compressors. The Masterflux compressors are available to handle input voltages of 12 to 420 VDC to meet today's electric vehicle requirements for both battery and comfort cooling.
The Masterflux DC variable speed hermetic compressors offer the mass transit market a cost effective option for your comfort cooling requirements. The Masterflux family of DC compressors can be powered directly off of today's common Rail 74 VDC voltage bus. For applications outside of the common 74 VDC bus, Masterflux offers a complete compressor line for DC voltages from 12 to 420 volts with cooling capacities between 3,000 to 34,000 BTU/HR.
Masterflux offers a DC variable speed hermetic compressor to meet the demands of today's medical and scientific community for the higher cooling capacity requirements outside of the range of Peltier (thermo-electric) cells. At 7.5" tall, SIERRA Masterflux compressors pack up to 50x the cooling/heating power of the largest Peltier cells. Because the SIERRA can be powered by low DC voltage, regulatory certification is greatly simplified. In meeting today's medical and scientific cooling/heating requirements, systems using the SIERRA compressors have a proven track record for holding temperatures of +/-0.1 degrees F.
The Masterflux family of DC variable speed hermetic compressors offers a solution for DC systems running on solar, battery, or other off-grid power sources. The direct DC Masterflux hermetic compressor eliminates the need for an inverter and the inductive surge at start up associated with a traditional A/C compressor.
Getting the heat out of your electronics isn't an option, it's a necessity. Component failures double with every 18 degree F increase in temperature. With such demanding requirements for electronic cooling, Masterflux is at the forefront of the development of new cooling concepts for electronic systems. Masterflux based systems can be designed to maintain chips at ambient to cryogenic temperatures. Deciding what temperature you want is your job. Keeping them cool is ours.
Stealth mode in the desert. Need to keep your cool but lose your heat signature? Looking for the safety and reliability of a hermetically sealed cooling system but want to use DC power? Masterflux is again the answer to these problems. The Masterflux technology can be found in military applications from the use of chiller technology for cooling a soldier to powering thermal systems for electronic cooling.
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