Masterflux Cooling Solutions

Direct DC Variable-Capacity Cooling Solutions for Emerging Applications

Masterflux, a Tecumseh brand, designs and manufactures a wide range of direct DC, variable capacity compressors and systems for a variety of emerging applications. Compact and lightweight, highly efficient and reliable, our Masterflux compressors are developed for mobile applications and high COP. Masterflux also develops cooling and refrigeration systems such as BTMS (battery thermal management system), and HVAC for EV/ICE vehicle applications.

Direct DC Variable-Capacity Cooling Solutions

Masterflux Applications

Well suited for a variety of DC applications covering the ordinary to the extraordinary:

Idle Mitigation

Masterflux's line of compressors is ideally suited for battery powered no-idle applications for OEM and aftermarket systems.

Battery Thermal Management

Masterflux's compressors and Battery Thermal Management systems are designed for fast and efficient Air and Liquid Cooling of EV Battery Packs.

Last-Mile Delivery

Quiet, robust and highly-efficient cooling designed for frequent deliveries with rapid-pull-downs.

Medical/ Scientific

Because our compressors can be powered by low DC voltage, regulatory certification is greatly simplified.

Grid Power

Masterflux offers a solution for DC systems running on solar, battery, or other off-grid power sources.


Our technology can be found in military applications from the use of chiller technology for cooling a soldier to powering thermal systems for electronic cooling.


With demanding requirements for electronic cooling, Masterflux is at the forefront of the development of new cooling concepts for electronic systems.

Mobile Containers

Compact and reliable Masterflux used by global logistic services.

Masterflux Solutions



Image of a BTMS-C

Air-cooled and Liquid-chiller systems for EV Thermal Management


image of a SIERRA Compressor

Highly energy-efficient Idle-mitigation solution optimized for commercial vehicles.


Image of an eMRU

Electric Mobile Refrigeration Units for mobile containers and Last-Mile deliveries.


Image of a specially-built chiller unit

Custom cooling units for special applications such as electronics and medical chillers.

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Image of the MESA Compressor

Low temp

BTU: 95-474

Watts: 28-139

High Temp

BTU: 464-1598

Watts: 136-468


Image of the CASCADE Compressor

Low Temp
BTU: 100-621
Watts: 29-182
High Temp
BTU: 980-2,570
Watts: 287-753


Image of the ATLAS unit

Low Temp
BTU: 457-1,531
Watts: 133-449
High Temp
BTU: 1,689-6,190
Watts: 495-1,815


Image of the HG unit

Up to 15k BTU in High Temp
Up to 4.4 kW

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Masterflux controllers are designed and developed in-house, optimized for specific Masterflux compressors. For each model of compressor, there may be several versions of the controller to choose from. Ask us about custom controller development for your specific application.

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